Mushroom specialty of the Week 1/2lb add on or subscription

Mushroom specialty of the Week 1/2lb add on or subscription

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In this special mushroom of the week you will find 1-2 varieties of Southern Brothers Gourmet Mushrooms.

  • Chestnut ~ classic stem and cap mushrooms ~ edible to the stem ~ high in antioxidants ~ pair well with dishes that contain poultry and vegetables ~ makes for a delicious mushroom gravy
  • Lion’s Mane ~ has flavors of lobster with a floral essence ~ chewy texture and retains moisture well when cooked ~ best sliced into pieces, battered and fried, cooked with variety of sauces or used as a standalone side with butter seasons and onions ~ meat-free mushroom crab cakes
  • Blue Oyster ~ very firm, meaty texture ~ when cooked with butter, salt & pepper has a seafood taste with slight hint of anise or tarragon ~ versatile mushroom that can be added to your favorite pizza or sautéed with onions as a stand alone side dish ~ The best way to prepare Blue Oysters is to separate stem base from the stem and cap using a knife or kitchen scissors, then the mushrooms should be torn from cap to stem rather
    than cut. Stem bases make an excellent addition to soup stocks as well.
  • King Blue ~ striking resemblance to the blue oyster mushroom but there are some differences ~ little bit softer & chewier ~ slight more sweet anise aroma and can be eaten down to the steam base ~ King Blues can be torn or sliced and only a marginal amount of the stem base needs to
    be removed. King Blues can be used in a very wide variety of culinary dishes, very well suited for all kinds of pasta, cream sauces, and soups.


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